Printable Calendar February 2017

The ancient Mayans of Mesoamerica developed a variety of calendars that could be used independently or together to keep track of Earthly and astronomical cycles. The calendars tracked February 2017 calendar printable changing seasons, the phases of the moon, the orbits of the planets and the movements of stars. The Mayan 260 day calendar, called the Tolkien, is one of the oldest known calendars and is still used today. Similar to the way our yearly calendar is split into months and weeks, the Tolkien consists of smaller 13 day and 20-day cycles, two numbers important in Mayan astronomy, nature and mythology.
The Mayans also February 2017 calendar printable a much larger calendar, called the Long Count calendar, to keep track of larger units of time—past, present, and future. The Long Count calendar is composed of units of time called Bakunin, each approximately 395 years long. Think of the similarity to our February 2017 calendar printable system today, which uses a periods of 100 years, or a “centuries,” to denote long spans of time.

It is always the easy-to-see-and-read wall or desktop calendar that is a psychological draw for planning and figuring out our schedules. And, when people take that extra effort to create calendars with eye-catching visuals and meaningful messages, it is value addition for those who possess it. February 2017 calendar printable the countdown to the new year has begun, two prominent organisations in the city are ready with their 2016 editions. While Voices of the Wild (Vow), a Madurai-based group of children interested in biodiversity and natural heritage, released its desktop calendar for the new year last month, the local chapter of Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACT) is launching its annual calendar on Sunday. The important thing about both the products is they are marks of distinction with the city and the nature acting as a catalyst for the respective team’s creativity. The INTACT calendar in particular is a cultural artifactFebruary 2017 calendar printable aspects of culture are intangible and cannot be physically touched or felt. But much of it can be saved and protected through documentation,” says U ma Kennan, the Convener.
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